services providers

To enable companies and individuals to find distinguished and professional solutions that cover their needs through specialists in several fields with packages dedicated to Sand beneficiaries


Together with our CMA-licensed crowdfunding partners, we seek to facilitate the process of offering startups for investment and support their growth.

Bab Rizq Jameel

In support of projects, we offer, in cooperation with Bab Rizq Jameel, financing up to 200,000 Saudi riyals

A platform that introduces new employment technology to help employers and job seekers make confident and accurate career decisions that focus more on discovering people's values based on personality and skills


All in One Restaurant Management Solution.. Soon!

Sand Start-Up

Your guide to starting your own business A session that includes the most important knowledge and information in the business sector. Axes: Familiarize yourself with the terms of the feasibility study Familiarize yourself with the model and business plan Financing and investment solutions in the Kingdom Important points that you must check before you start Recognizing the supportive environment for entrepreneurship in the Kingdom as governmental and private entities Obligations and licenses Templates to help manage projects



Within the Sanad series of services, we offer facilities and benefits that benefit new project owners and entrepreneurs, including the graphic design service, to provide all graphic solutions and services in a creative and professional manner that contributes to creating a positive impression of the brand.

The Stock

A Saudi Platform that allows innovators, professionals, and businesses of all sizes to work with content that enhances the beauty of ideas and reflects the Saudi culture.


Shopping for Information Technology is a company specializing in the creation and design of electronic stores and their development, designing websites and mobile applications

Beta Labs

.We intend to redefine the medical laboratory industry and harness our energies to achieve three goals: Quality , Accuracy , and the growth


zeeil is a content creation platform that seeks to make the space for thinking limitless, a community that makes change.


An accounting company for making and extracting information for medium and small enterprises that is characterized by quality and accuracy to make the best decisions.


VôM is a cloud accounting platform providing anyone that has no background in accounting to ensure they can focus on running their business with ease of mind.